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"But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more, unto the perfect day." (Prov. 4:18).
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  1. [2/22] -HEALED(OT)-Heb.: “raphah” (rawfaw).
    (Isaiah 53:5) -And with His stripes we are healed.
    (NT) -Greek: "ioamai"(ee-ah-om-ahee)
    (1 Peter 2:24) – By His stripes ye were healed.
    Means - to restore to normal; to mend (by stitching); to cure (literally); to make whole (thoroughly).
  2. [3/1] COMFORTLESS -Greek: "Orphanos"(Jn. 14:18).
    Means: -Fatherless / parentless - I will care for you;
    bereaved / orphan -I will nurture you;
    I will be there for you;
    you are not alone - I will provide for you;
    I will protect you.
  3. [3/8] "Dioko" -Reviewed.
  4. [3/15] ACKNOWLEDGE -Heb.: "Yada" (yaw-dah) (Prov. 3:5-6).
    - Used in a variety of senses:
    To be acquainted with Him.
    - By observation - to know Him.
    By recognition - to be aware of Him.
    -By instruction - to be learned of Him.
    To have respect for Him.

    "And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof; but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever."

    (1John 2:17).

  5. [3/22] DESIRE -Greek: "Epipotheo" (ep-ee-poth-eh-o)
    (1Pet. 2:2). "As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby."
    - To yearn for (the Word); -To intensely crave possession of (the Word); -To long after (the Word).
    (Ps. -Cannot be a 'do-er' until you desirethe Word).
  6. [3/29] DESTROY -Greek: "Phtheiro"(F-te-i-ro)
    (1Cor. 3:17). "If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are."
    Means - To pine or waste; -To shrivel or wither; -To spoil; -To ruin;-To corupt.
  7. [4/5] REPENT -Greek: "Metanoeo"(met-an-oeh-o).
    (Rev. 2:5). "Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen and repent and do thy works or else..."
    - to think differently; to reconsider; -To reform by reversal of decision.
  8. [4/12] SAVE -Greek: "Sozo"(sode-zo).
    (Matt. 1:21). "...For He sall save His people from their sins."
    -To deliver; -To protect; -To heal; -To keep safe and sound; -To preserve; -To make well.
  9. [4/19] GRACE -Greek: "charis"(khar-ece)
    (Eph. 2:5) "Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, by grace ye are saved."
    -Divine influence upon the heart and the reflection upon the life; -gratitude of God; -benefit of God; -Favor of God; -Gift of God; -Joy of God; -Pleasure of God.
  10. [5/17] BLESS -Heb.: "barak"(baw-rak).
    (Ps. 34:1). "I will bless the Lord at all times."
    -To kneel (as an act of adoration); -To speak well of; -To thank or invoke a benediction.
  11. [5/24] PRAISE -Heb.: 1)"tehilla" (teh-hil-law).
    (Ps.. 34:1). "His praise shall continually be in my mouth."
    -laudation; -hymn;
    - Heb.: 2) "yadah" (yaw-daw).
    -to revere or worship with extended hands; -to make confession; -to give thanks.
    - Heb.: 3) "shabach" (shaw-bakh).
    -to address in a loud tone; -to commend; -to glory.
BBM Choir
BBM Choir.
  1. [5/31] BOAST-Heb.: "halal" (haw-lal).
    (Ps. 34:2). "My soul shall make her boast in the Lord."
    -To be clear; -To shine -To make a show; -to rave; -to advance.
  2. [6/7] MAGNIFY -Heb.: "gadal"(gaw-dal).
    (Ps. 34:3a). "O magnify the Lord with me."
    -To make large; -To increase -To lift up; -to tower; -to advance; -to make great.
  3. [6/14] EXALT -Heb.: "ruwm"(room).
    (Ps. 34:3b). "And let us exalt His name together."
    -To be high; -To rise or raise; -To extol; -to elevate.
  4. [6/28] FOLLOWERS-Gk.: "Mimetes" (mim-ay-tace).
    (Eph. 5:1). "Be followers of God."
    -An imitator; -to be conformed to His image; -To be renewed with His image; -to resemble Him.
    Compare Disciple -Gk.: "Mathetes"(math-ay-tes).
    -A learner; -A pupil; -A student.
  5. [7/5] CHRISTIAN -Gk.:"Christianos"(Khris-tee-an-os).
    -A Follower of Christ.

    "For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."
    (Eccl. 12:14).

  6. [7/19] CHURCH -Gk.: "Ekklesia"(ek-klay-see-ah).
    -A calling out; -The called out ones.
  7. [7/26] PASTOR -Heb.: "Raah"(raw-aw).
    -To be high; -To rise or raise; -To tend, /pasture,/ graze, /rule, /feed a flock; - to associate; -to keep company with.
    Compare: SHEPHERD -Gk.: "Poimen"(poy-mane).
  8. [8/2] PERSEVERANCE-Gk.: "Proskarterausis" (pros-kar-ter-au-sis).
    (2Chr. 20:1-25; Eph. 6:18).
    "and watching thereunto with all perseverance..."
    -To stand firm; -To go on resolutely, or stubbornly despite opposition or warning; -To remian unchanged; -to continue to exist or endure.
  9. [8/9] KEEPETH, KEEPER, PRESERVE-Heb.: "Shamar" (Shaw-mar).
    (Psalm 121:4,5,7,8.).
    -To hedge about; -To guard; -To protect; -to watch(man).
    That means God is all these to us.
  10. [8/30] FIGHT -Gk.: "Agonizomai"(ago-nid-zom-ahee).
    (ITim. 6:12) "Fight a good fight of faith."
    -To literally struggle; -To compete for a prize; -To contend with an adversary; -to endeavor to accomplish something.
  11. [9/6] ENDURE -Gk.: "Kakopatheo"(kah-op-ath-eh-o).
    (2Tim. 2:3) "Endure hardness as a good soldier."
    -To undergo hardship; -To be afflicted; -To suffer trouble.

youth camp 08
Youth Camp '08.

The Birth of Bible Believers Ministries (BBM).
The birth of Bible Believers Ministries was as a result of Jehovah's Divine intervention on my family's life that originated in 1984, and culminated on October 14th. 1989, compounded by the spiritual turmoil I experienced in December 1995, at the local assembly in which I served.

Unable to comprehend, nor having the ability to cope with this unfamiliar predicament, I searched diligently for an answer or for an open door to still the turbulent spiritual storm that raged within me. Sometime before the close of 1995, following several telephone calls, I was approached by Rev. Tyrone Wilson and Rev. Samdaye Bittan to start a church, a ministry that they would support with their families. After thanking them for their confidence, I advised them that I honestly believed that the sole reason to start a new ministry, must be a direct call and confirmation from Almighty God, and asked them to give me some time to seek God for direction.

January 1st. 1996, New Year's Day, my wife Linda and myself fasted and prayed seeking Jehovah's face.
Late in the evening just before we broke our fast, while singing, I got the word that gave me the direction to fulfill that which was in my heart. Following this spiritual enlightenment, I informed Rev. Wilson and Rev. Bittan about the good news that basically opened the door for the birth of Bible Believers Ministries.
On February 1st. 1996 at 7:55pm, Rev. Wilson, Rev. Bittan and myself sat in the confines of my Grand Caravan minivan outside Rev. Wilson's home at Park Place, Brooklyn, NY, to officially discuss and plan for the establishment of this new ministry. We unanimously agreed that the calm we experienced and the agreement that ensued from the dicussions we made, confirmed that Jehovah was in absolute control. We pledged to be united as a team and to be sensitive to people's needs, working cohesively with each other to build the ministry on solid foundation as we press forward. Several decisions were finalized that night, which propelled the wheel into motion for the planting of this ministry:

  1. We will sublet at Damascus Christian Center located at 211 21st. Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232. (Previous arrangement with Rev. Gonzalez of DCC was finalized).
  2. The church would be called Bible Believers Ministries.
  3. We would hold our first church service on February 11th. 1996 at 8:30am.
  4. We would immediately file for Incorporation and 501(c)3 tax exemption, using the services of Derek McDowell of 1368 Fulton Street.
Bible Believers Ministries officially began as a Church in New York City, on Sunday February 11th. 1996 at 8:30am. with seven (7) adults and four (4) children present. BBM's first income of tithes and offerings for this date was six hundred dollars ($600.00)
(Rev. Bhawanie Rampersad -April 22, '09).

The Cross

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are saved it is the power of God."
(1Cor. 1:18 NIV).


"Miracle Child (...Continued)

was not due until February 14, 1993. I went to the doctor on December 22, 1992 and he said enjoy the holidays and I'll see you in two weeks. The next day I got up and went into premature labor.
A friend took me to the hospital and the prognosis was not a good one. I was told that the baby was extremely underdeveloped- the lungs were immature; the brain was not fully developed; there were many problems with the heart and liver too. They began to give me medication to slow the contractions, but to no avail. After two hours, of uncertainty and a host of medical professionals in and out the room, they told me they were unable to prevent the contractions, and that the baby will have to be delivered today. In addition to the internal complications, the baby was breached and this posed further risks to him. I was briefed about the extent of the complications of the baby and the delivery and told what to expect.
On Thursday December 23, 1992 at 2:23 pm, Dylon Rambharose entered this world. He was the tiniest baby I had ever seen, not a healthy pink color, but rather a grayish color and his lungs were so underdeveloped that no sounds were coming out. I knew that this did not appear to be positive signs. He was quickly whisked away to an incubator and I was left with the most empty, hopeless feeling that is inexplicable. It was as though I had just brought life into the world, but death seemed to follow close behind it.
Dylon at birth Dylon was transferred later that day to Maimonides Hospital, to their Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, since the one at Lutheran was unable to provide the level of care he needed. On Friday morning I froze in fear as I saw two doctors walking towards me with a paper in their hand. I thought that he had died. However, he needed to have a surgical performed since a tube had broken inside of him- not even eighteen hours into this world and he had to have surgery! On that same night, in the middle of our first snow-storm, with temperatures in the low teens, I checked myself out against doctor’s orders.
When I got to the NICU, what I saw that night was the most frightening thing a mother can see. Dylon, no bigger than a two-liter bottle, was strapped down, a tube hanging out from his belly button, an IV in his hand, a tube inserted into his mouth, his eyes covered with a blind fold, under the strong UV light. His liver was failing and in addition to the other problems he had developed a severe case of jaundice. He was crying, but no sounds came out, and I lost it. I felt God was very unfair. How could He do this? After all, was there not some other unsaved person He could torture?
During the next couple of days things began to deteriorate. His lungs were not responding to the regimen of medicine, so he stayed on the oxygen for longer than expected. He was fed through a tube in his nose, since he had the breathing tube in his mouth. We then got the news that there was a hole in the heart and they would try to close it up with medication. After the initial bout with jaundice, his liver began to malfunction again, and he was given blood transfusions. Dylon’s stay in the ICU was filled with pain and uncertainty… They had inserted so many tubes into his tiny veins, that they began to give him the IV through veins in his head. There were many days that I would leave to go home and shower and then I would get a call to come back, since he did not look so good. One day they told us that he had improved and we can try to feed him with a bottle. My mother and I sat and began to feed him. Suddenly, he began to turn that grayish-blue color and we yelled for the nurse. I watched my child’s heartbeat get lower and lower and I could do nothing to save him. He was again incubated and placed back in the respirator.
Dylon stayed 56 days in the NICU and on the day we were bringing him home, I was excited and happy. I did not care if he was attached to monitors, since he was diagnosed with ‘sleep apnea’ and ‘bracardia,’ I was called one more time into the doctor’s office. Sit down we were told. The final MRI on the brain showed that there was a dark area. “What did that mean?” I asked. Well, it could mean a lot of things, he said. It shows that that area has not developed and he may never walk, talk and he may be very delayed in all areas, he may be confined to a wheel-chair. The doctor must have seen my face, he told me, if you believe in God, pray, because anything could happen. Here I was, faced with a situation that was hopeless, with so many possible negative outcomes, and I was being witnessed to by a Hindu doctor! The Lord can send anyone to remind us of His power. We took Dylon with joy, yet with a certain amount of trepidation, for we did not know what to expect.
During the first months of his life we had our uncertainties with him. At eight months, I took him to the doctor and they told me that he had ‘strabismus’ a turning of the eye, which originates with the malfunction of the brain. He got his eyes tested and began to wear glasses. At ten months, I took him to the cardiologist and they said that the hole in his heart was not fully closed up and they needed to perform surgery, since the heart was being overstressed. I shared this news with our church and our Pastor encouraged the members to fast and pray for this situation. This was on a Sunday. Dylon was taken the next day for tests and the hole was still there. We continued to pray. On the Thursday, the day before the scheduled surgery, he went in for his pre-op tests. I was told to wait outside while the cardiologists checked him. I began to notice a flurry of doctors going in and out of the room with a look of confusion on their faces. What could possibly go wrong now! Finally, the doctor came out. “Mrs. Rambharose, I am unable to find the hole in Dylon’s heart, I even got the pediatric cardiologist to verify, and we cannot find it. You can take him home, there will be no surgery.” I looked at their confused faces, but I fully understood what had happened. Our prayers and fasting worked, Dylon’s hole had completely closed up, and it was because of God’s grace towards this child.
Dylon had great difficulty standing and walking, however, he was a speed creeper and he managed to get into all the trouble little ones got into. Yet, at seventeen months he still had not taken his first independent steps. I was told that he had cerebral palsy, and this would delay him. There was also a good possibility that he would never walk. Every week, rain or snow, four days a week, Dylon and I would take the B63 to Lutheran for physical, occupational and speech therapy. I refused to have my child that had beat the odds and survived, be placed in a wheel-chair. It was time to get very serious with God. I began to challenge God, “if you’re real, make him walk! If you’re real make him talk clearly! If you’re real do something now!” Dylon took his first independent step at 18 months on a right foot that was twisted in and a heel that did not reach the ground. His therapists were amazed. I was convinced that my God is real, and His healing power is real, and that He hears the cries of His children.
At age 2, he had an Achilles heel release to lengthen his tendon, and at age 7, he had a more intense surgery that required some muscles to be switched around. Prior to this surgery, we were told that the X-rays showed that some bones were out of position and they would have to be broken and re-set during surgery. However, once again, when they went in, the bones were set in the right position and God spared Dylon the pain once again. At five, he had the first surgery to correct his vision and another at age seven and a half. At age nine, the pediatric ophthalmologist told me that he had ‘retinal degeneration’ and he would be blind at fifteen, since it is a degenerative disease. We took him to various specialists and again the final report was that Dylon’s eyes are fine. These are just a few of the bigger miracles that had surrounded this child’s entrance into and existence in this world.
As a very young child, in his burbled and unclear speech, Dylon would praise the Lord, sing praises, pray for himself and others, and preach God’s Word. He was an encouragement for us the parents and to many around him. He was determined to survive and I always tell him that he fought for his spot on earth and do not let the Devil take it away from him. Dylon at Graduation
Today Dylon stands before you, a strapping, handsome, talented young man; a young man whose life had touched the heart of the Creator. A young man who was going to be retarded- now has an above-average IQ; a young man that would be dumb- now sings for God’s glory; a young man that was going to be in a wheel-chair- now walking and sharing tracts for God’s kingdom; a young man whose hands were to be shriveled and useless- now uses those fingers to play the piano; a young man who was to be blind at 15- now using those eyes to read God’s Word; a young man whose future was grim is now glowing in the goodness and mercy of God.
I am convinced that as my Jesus took those 39 stripes, He had Dylon on His mind. As the blood and water flowed, Dylon was on His mind- for He knew him before he was formed. But what is more amazing, is that the same healing power that was provided to Dylon, is also there for you to tap into. All you have to do is believe. God can do anything, even if it seems hopeless in our eyes, there is healing in the blood, and power in the blood. And whenever you doubt it, just remember Dylon, for he reminds us of God’s power every day.
(By Fazzy Rambharose)

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